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Australia Investor visa requirements, eligibility criteria, application steps and FAQs

An investor visa 891 is another type of business innovation and investment visa for entrepreneurs that want to continue their business in Australia. Usually, for this visa, you must already be in Australia with another substantial visa from the business and investment visa category.

Am I Eligible for an Australia Investor Visa 891?

You meet the eligibility criteria for visa 891 if:

  • You already have a provisional investor visa 162.
  • You have held your designated investment of AUD1.5 million for four years.
  • For two years out of four before your application, you’ve resided in Australia.
  • You meet the health requirements for this visa.

Your residence in Australia for those two years doesn’t necessarily mean that you lived there continuously.

Document Checklist for Australia Investor Visa 891

You must submit the documents listed below for your visa 891:

  • Form 47UB for your visa application.
  • Identity documents, for you and your family members, including:
    • Passport
    • National ID
    • Driver’s license (if required)
  • Recent identity photographs. You must submit two pictures for you and each person who applies with you.
  • Evidence of residence:
    • Bills that show your home address.
    • Rental agreement or a lease contract.
    • If you own a house, the title deed.
    • School records, if applicable.
  • Evidence of your designated investment while you held a provisional visa 162.
  • Evidence that your investment has matured.
  • Proof of functional level of the English language. This requirement is applicable to your family members who hold a provisional 162 when they apply with you for the 891 visa. You don’t have to submit anything if your family members are either permanent residents or hold passports from these countries:
    • United Kingdom
    • Republic of Ireland
    • United States
    • Canada
    • New Zealand
  • Provide one page summary of:
    • Your business undertakings in Australia.
    • Your future business plans or investments in Australia.
  • A report regarding the environment of your business activities.
  • Form 927. You need to send this form to the nominating agency for your visa application, so they can fill it in, and then you have to include the completed form in your application.
  • Evidence that you are of a good character. For your character evidence you must also include these two filled in forms:
    • Form 80 (personal particulars assessment).
    • From 1221 (any additional information).
  • Assistance forms:
  • Your signature on Australia’s values declaration.
  • You will also need to include documents for your family members:
    • Passport
    • Birth certificate
    • Evidence of relationship
    • Proof of dependency (children over 18)

In case any documents are required three months prior to your application date for visa 891, then use the same date for every document.

How Do I Apply for an Investor Visa 891?

To apply for this visa you must submit the visa fee first via the ImmiAccount, if you don’t have one then open a new account since the payment can only be submitted electronically. Your visa application won’t be considered without the fee first.

Afterward, you have to send your documents and forms to the Adelaide Business Skills Processing Centre, applications delivered to any other address will not be accepted. Please keep in mind that you must be in Australia when applying for visa 891.

Australia Investor Visa 891 Processing Times

The Australian Immigration Department has no set timeline for how long it will take to process your 891 visa application. The processing time will vary greatly depending on how you submitted your application, i.e., whether you included all the required documents or not.

If the Department needs more information from you after you lodge your application, that may also prolong the processing time.

How Much Does an Australia Investor Visa 891 Costs?

A visa 891 costs AUD2,450 for the application fee. However, you have to pay additional charges for every extra applicant; you can find the full detailed fees here.

You are also required to pay a second installment charge for any family members that can’t provide evidence of their English level proficiency; the second installment charge is AUD4,890.

Can I Travel With an Australia Investor Visa 891?

Since visa 891 is a permanent visa, it allows you to travel freely only for five years. Once your five years are over, you must apply for a Resident Return visa so that you can continue traveling. If you don’t have a resident return visa you can still leave Australia, but, you cannot re-enter as a permanent resident after your travel facility has expired.

Your resident return visa can be renewed as many times as you need it to. However, if you don’t want to apply for a resident visa every 5 years, then you may apply for Australian citizenship- if you are eligible.

Can My Family Members Apply With Me?

Yes, you can include your close unit family members in the visa application:

  • Your spouse or partner.
  • Your minor child or partner’s child.
  • Your or your partner’s adult dependent child.

For any dependent child over 18 years, you must include supporting documents that show why or how they are dependent on you or your partner.

Even if your family members don’t apply, you still must mention them in your application form. The Immigration Department may allow you to add new family members after you lodge your application, but, before they make a decision on your application.

Can I Request an Appeal if My Visa 891 Application Is Rejected?

If you are eligible for an appeal of the denial decision on your visa application, then you can submit a request at the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal). You will receive a letter detailing why your application was rejected, if and how you can submit a request to waive the Department’s decision.

The letter will also contain information about how many days you have to send your request for an appeal, so make sure that you follow the instructions and you don’t miss the deadline.

You can find more information about this process here.

Can I Submit My Documents in Another Language Other Than English?

No, all your documents must be in English. If you have a document or certificate issued by your former country of residence in another language, then you must have the documents translated. When you are in Australia, documents have to be translated by a verified translator from the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

Is Australia Investor Visa 891 the Same as the Investor Visa Stream?

No, an investor visa 891 is not the same as an investor business stream. Investor visa 891 is a visa on its own while the investor stream is a temporary visa available as a part of the business and innovation visa 188, but, it can be a permanent stream if you apply for a permanent business and innovation visa 888.

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