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Australia BVA requirements, the application process, eligibility criteria and FAQs

Bridging visa A (010) belongs to the category of non-permanent bridging visas that Australia provides to individuals who need short-term legal status in Australia. Usually, these visas are issued in case someone missed the deadline for their new visa application and is currently waiting for their new visa without a valid permit.

Bridging visa A serves the same purpose but, not all visa applicants are able to qualify for a BVA.

What Is an Australia Bridging Visa A?

An Australia bridging visa A is a type of temporary visa that allows you to stay in Australia after your current substantive visa has expired and you are waiting on the decision of your new visa application. A substantive refers to all Australian visas except for a bridging visa and a criminal justice or law enforcement visa

Do I Automatically Get a Bridging Visa A?

For the majority of the time, you get a bridging visa A automatically when you apply for your other Australian substantive visa. You have to apply separately for a BVA 010 in these cases:

  • Your initial visa application did not contain an option for a BVA.
  • You were granted a BVA or a bridging visa B but, your visa is no longer valid and you meet the requirements for another bridging visa A.
  • You want to apply for a further BVA without restrictions regarding employment.
  • You have applied for judicial review.

Please note that your automatic bridging visa A comes into effect when your substantive visa has expired.

Who Can Apply for an Australia Bridging Visa A?

You are eligible for a bridging visa if you:

  • Hold or held earlier another Australian substantive visa.
  • Are in Australia at the time of the application.

Requirements for an Australia Bridging Visa A

This is what you need for an Australia bridging visa A application:

  • Copy of your passport bio pages. If you have one, you must also provide a national ID card and certificates that prove your name change (if applicable).
  • Proof of hardship. You need to provide proof that supports your need to apply for a BVA.
  • Moral character documents. Any document that proves you won’t partake in or initiate unlawful activities.
  • Application help documents. In case someone is helping you with your application then you must provide these documents as well:

How Do I Apply for a Bridging Visa A?

You have to apply for your bridging visa A the same way you applied for your substantive visa. If you applied online for your visa initially:

  • Online application for your substantive visa- online application for your bridging visa A.
  • Paper application for your substantive visa- paper application for your bridging visa A.

However, if you are requesting judicial review then you have to apply on paper for your BVA.

Australia Bridging Visa A Processing Times

The Immigration Department does not have a precise number of days or weeks on how long it takes to process a bridging visa application. However, if you submit a full application the processing time will be much faster.

What Is the Cost of a Bridging Visa A?

The application for a bridging visa A is free of charge. Since you aren’t required to pay an application fee, then you are not required to pay any other additional charges.

How Long Does a Bridging Visa A 010 Last?

Your bridging visa A is only temporary and will last until a decision has been made regarding your new substantive visa application; a bridging visa A will become invalid immediately if one of the following happens:

  • Your new visa application is approved.
  • You leave Australia while you have a bridging visa A.
  • You are given another bridging visa.
  • Both of your visas are canceled, your bridging visa A and your substantive visa you held.

Can I Stay Longer With a Bridging Visa 010?

You can’t stay longer with a bridging visa A, you must apply for a new visa when your BVA visa is no longer valid. Depending on the outcome of your substantive visa application, you have limited days to stay in Australia with a bridging visa A if:

  • Your new visa application is denied.
  • There is a final decision on your judicial review.
  • You withdraw the application for your substantive visa, the tribunal review, and the judicial review.
  • The tribunal review committee comes to the decision they have no power over your application status.

Once your limited days are over you must leave Australia immediately otherwise you are remaining illegally with an invalid BVA. You can check the number of days you are allowed to stay in VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online).

Can You Work on a Bridging Visa A?

Some types of bridging visas A allow you to work, this will depend on the conditions imposed on your visa. You can check your visa conditions in VEVO if you are not sure. However, you can apply for a new bridging visa A that lets you work if you are in financial hardship.

In case your application for a BVA visa that allows you to work is denied, then you will be granted the same BVA you had previously, with the same work restrictions. You cannot apply for a BVA with no work restrictions if:

Can I Study With an Australia Bridging Visa A?

You can study with your bridging visa A but, you will most likely be limited in what you can study and where depending on your BVA conditions. Your BVA conditions may also be affected by your previous substantive visa restrictions.

Can I Travel With an Australia Bridging Visa A?

You cannot travel while your bridging visa A is valid. If you leave Australia with a BVA, then your visa is no longer lawful and you cannot re-enter Australia with your bridging visa A. However, if you want to travel outside of Australia while your substantive visa is being processed, then you must apply for a bridging visa B (BVB).

Can I Include Family Members in My Bridging Visa A (010) Application?

You can include your family members with your visa application provided that they are in Australia at the time of your application.

Is Bridging Visa A Eligible for Centrelink?

It depends on the visa conditions attached to your bridging visa A. If you had access to Centrelink with your substantive visa then the same might apply during the time you stay in Australia with a bridging visa A. However, sometimes the conditions may change and you might be limited in accessing Australia’s state services.

Bridging Visa A Benefits

With a bridging visa A, you may be given limited access to:

  • Medicare
  • ASAS

Bridging Visa A Cancellation

The Department of Foreign Affairs may cancel your visa if you breach these bridging visa A conditions and working rights:

  • No Work Condition 8101. You are not allowed to work in Australia under this condition. If the Australian authorities grant you permission to work, you may do unpaid work related to your study program and learn how people work in an industry without actually working yourself.
  • No Work Condition 8102. Under this visa condition, you are allowed to work only in fields that are related to your study degree and won’t interfere with your course of study or training.
  • No Paid Work Condition 8103. You cannot work a salary job in Australia unless you have written permission from the Department of Immigration.
  • Work Restriction Conditions. If you are allowed to work, then you probably will be restricted to a 40-hour work two-week period. In case you are a student or a family member of a student, then you cannot begin working until the course study begins. Depending on your visa, you may be limited to working with only one specific employer and in one specific industry.
  • Work Limitation Condition 8112. You must not engage in any type of work that might be done by an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Work Condition 8547. You cannot work for one employer for more than six months without permission from the Secretary.
  • Yacht Crew. You are allowed to work in Australia if you are a part of a superyacht crew.
  • Condition 8303. You must not involve yourself in any type of criminal activity or any activity that might harm someone in the Australian community.
  • Condition 8501. You have to make sure that your health insurance won’t expire, even if you are under a bridging visa A.
  • Condition 8539. While you are in Australia you are allowed to work, live and study only in one specific area with low-growth populations. Your visa grant letter will specify these places.
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