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Foreigners that will stay in Thailand for more than 90 days will have to submit a report of their living address to the Thai authorities

Foreigners who live in Thailand long-term have to report their current address to the Immigration Department every 90 days of their stay, even if the address does not change. This includes tourists, international students, foreign workers, retirees, and business travelers. In short, anyone who is not a Thai citizen and will be living in Thailand for longer than 90 days has to report their stay.

The 90 day report is the government’s way to monitor the foreigners staying in Thailand in an effort to minimize illegal activities or stays.

How Does the 90 Day Report Work?

As the name suggests, if you have been living in Thailand for more than 90 days, you have to report your current address to Immigration. The days start counting starting from the day you enter Thailand. So, if you leave Thailand and then re-enter, the days will reset to zero, and you have to submit your report ninety days after re-entering.

What Documents Do I Need for 90-Day Reporting in Thailand?

When you report your address in Thailand, you need to have the following documents:

  • Your valid passport
  • Photocopies of the relevant pages on your passport:
  • 90-Day Report Notification form, completed and signed (TM.47)
  • A photocopy of the front and back of your arrival/departure card (TM.6)
  • A copy of your previous 90-day slip (if you had one)
  • If applying through registered mail: A self-addressed envelope along with a 10 Thai Baht postage stamp.

How Can You Submit the 90 Day Report in Thailand?

You can submit the 90 Day Report through one of the following ways:

  • At a local Thai Immigration Office, which you can do:
    • In-person
    • Through registered mail
    • Through an authorized person
  • Online, through the Thai Immigration Department’s online system

Submitting the 90-Day Report at in Immigration Office

If you will report your stay directly at an Immigration Office, you can do so up to 15 days before the due date or up to 7 days after it. If applying through the mail, you have to submit the report at least 15 days prior.

Submitting the 90-day report in-person

Submitting the 90-Day Report in person is the most secure and straightforward way. To do so, you have to visit your local Immigration Office. As is the case in most places, visiting a government office will mean you have to do a bit of waiting.

So, before your 90-Day Report due date, you have:

  • Gather the required documents (see below)
  • Visit an Immigration Office
  • Wait in line for your turn. This could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on how many people are there.
  • Submit the report
  • Wait for a little while more
  • Receive your 90-Day Report slip. This will indicate when the next time you have to report is. Save it because you may have to show it the next time you report your stay.

Submitting the 90-day report through registered mail

If you want to avoid the queues or cannot go in person, you may also report your stay through registered mail. In this case, you have to:

  • Gather the required documents in an envelope
  • Include a self-addressed envelope along with a 10 Thai Baht postage stamp. The Immigration Officers will use this to return your 90-Day Report slip indicating the next time you have to report.
  • Mail them to the address of your local Immigration Office at least 15 days before your due date.

Submitting the 90-day report through an authorized person

If you are unable to submit your own 90 Day Report, then you could authorize someone else to do it on your behalf. This can include your spouse, a family member, or a law or visa agency.

Submitting the 90-Day Report Online

In 2015, the Thai government launched an online server to process 90 Day Reporting which you can access here. If submitting the 90-day report online, you have to do it within 15 to 7 workdays before the due date. If it is less than 7 days working before the reporting is due or after the due date, you must report in person to the nearest Immigration Office – you cannot use the online system.

The online 90-Day Report system takes about seven working days to process the application. During this time, you can use the system to check on the status.

When the application has been approved, you can print out the approval receipt and show it to any authorities if you are required to.

The receipt will also show the time when your next 90-day report should be done.

Please note: Although the online system for 90-Day Reports is supposed to be functional, many of the expats living in Thailand claim that more often than not, it does not work. Most of them still prefer to brave the long queues and report their stay at an Immigration Office in person, rather than try their luck with the online system.

90 Day Report App

In October 2019, the Thai government announced they will soon make available an app, called “OSS Foreigner”, to handle the 90-Day Report and other immigrational reporting. The app is supposed to make the process of reporting your stay every 90 days easier, smoother, and much more hassle-free.

However, as of now, you can only report your stay through one of the methods detailed above.

Can I submit a 90-Day Report at an Airport?

No, you cannot go to an international airport in Thailand in order to report your stay. While you can get a Thailand Re-Entry Permit at an airport, it is strictly the Immigration Department that handles the 90-Day Report.

What Happens If I Don’t Submit My 90-Day Report?

If you don’t submit your 90-Day Report before the due date, then you still have seven days after it when you can do it. However, failure to do it within this timeframe will result in you getting a fine of about 2,000 Thai Baht (about $65 / €60).

If you were arrested during this time, and this is the reason you could not report your stay, then the fine is 5,000 Thai Baht.

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