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Complete list of visa fees for Singapore

Foreign nationals from certain countries will have to apply for a pre-entry visa to be allowed to travel to Singapore. Once they arrive, they have to get additional permission from the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) to be allowed to enter Singapore.

The application process for a Singapore visa is done online, and subject to processing fees. In addition, if you are applying for a long-term stay, such as for employment or studying, you will also have to pay an issuance fee for the specific Pass you need.

All Singapore visa fees are non-refundable.

Singapore Visa Fees

Singapore visa fees change depending on what type of visa, pass, or permit you are applying for. Foreign nationals will have to pay an extension fee if they wish to stay longer than their Short-Term Visit Pass allows, even if they are exempt from Singapore visa requirements.

The Singapore Visa fees are as follows:

Type of VisaSingapore Visa Fee
Singapore Visa S$30
Multiple Journey VisaS$30
Short-Term Visit Pass ExtensionS$40
Long-Term Visit Pass (Issued by the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA))
Processing FeeS$30
Issuance/Renewal FeeS$60
Long-Term Visit Pass (Issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM))
Processing FeeS$105
Issuance/Renewal FeeS$225
Student Pass
Processing FeeS$30
Issuance FeeS$60
Permanent Residence
Processing feeS$100
Entry Permit for PR applicationS$20
5-year Re-Entry PermitS$50
Identity CardS$50
 Processing FeeCertificate FeeSingapore ID
Adult Permanent Residents (PRs) and Children of PRsS$100S$70S$10
Overseas Born Children to Singapore Citizen ParentsS$18None required$10
All other overseas or locally born childrenS$100S$70S$10
Work Passes and Permits
 Processing FeeIssuance/Renewal Fee
Employment PassS$105S$225
S PassS$75S$100
Work PermitS$35S$35
Personalised Employment PassS$105S$225
Training Employment PassS$105S$225
Work Holiday PassNone requiredS$175
Work Permit for performing artisteS$75S$100
Training Work PermitS$35S$35
Miscellaneous Work PassS$175None required
Dependant’s PassS$105S$225

Information obtained from Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoint Authority’s (ICA) and the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) official websites.

How to Pay Singapore visa fees?

Since you can apply for most Singapore visas and Passes online, you need to pay the Singapore visa fees electronically as well.

There are two authorities in charge of issuing Singapore visas and passes: the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

They both accept different payment methods.

Applications processed by the ICA

If you are applying for a Singapore visa or Pass through the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA), you can pay through one of the following methods:

  • A Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card
  • An American Express (AMEX) credit card
  • Internet Direct Debit (through DBS/POSB, OCBC (Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation), UOB (United Overseas Bank), Standard Chartered Bank and Citibank Internet Banking accounts in Singapore).
  • NETS or CashCard (if you are applying in person)

Applications processed by the MOM

If you are applying for one of the work passes and permits or another type of Singapore Pass through the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), you can pay through:

  • General Interbank Recurring Order (GIRO)
  • A Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card
  • eNets Debit

Additionally, applicants for an EntrePass can pay through:

  • PayNow (if they have no Singaporean internet banking account)
  • A Telegraphic Transfer (only if they cannot use PayNow)

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