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Guidelines and specifications of the Malaysia visa photograph

When you apply for a Malaysian visa, you are required to also submit two pictures of yourself along with your application.

However, Malaysian visa applications go through strict processing procedures, and as such, the pictures you submit must meet the Malaysia visa photo requirements. If the pictures do not meet the determined specifications, your Malaysian visa application could be rejected, only based on that.

Malaysia Visa Photo Size

The picture you submit for a Malaysian visa application must meet the following size requirements:

  • Dimensions: 35mm width by 50 mm height
  • Your face must be centered and take about 30-35 mm of the picture, height-wise.
  • There must be about a 5 mm distance from the top of your head to the top of the picture.
  • There must be about 5-10 mm from your chin to the bottom of the picture.

Other Malaysia Visa Photo Requirements

Other than size, your picture must also meet the following Malaysia visa photo specifications:

  • The picture must be taken in a studio.
  • It must be taken recently – no older than three months.
  • There must be no borders.
  • The picture must be colored.
  • It must be taken in front of a white background, with no patterns.
  • The picture should not be enhanced or altered in any way which would misrepresent your skin color.
  • It should be with adequate brightness and contrast. This means no over or under-exposure, no shadows, and no glare.
  • The picture must not be edited to remove any distinguishing features, such as a birthmark or a scar.
  • If there red-eye in the picture, you must retake it – do not edit it out.
  • The picture must be printed on high quality picture paper. A scanned picture or a colored photocopy won’t be accepted.
  • There must not be any creases or staple marks on the picture.

Your expression

  • You must have a neutral facial expression. Do not smile, frown, or grimace.
  • Your mouth must be closed.
  • You must stare straight ahead. Head should not be tilted or turned away.
  • Your hair must not cover your face. Put your hair behind your ears.
  • If you have a beard, you do not have to remove it for the picture.

Your attire and accessories

  • You must wear darker clothing that contrast the background so that you are fully visible.
  • You must not wear a hat, headband, or any other head accessory.
  • If you wear a headpiece for religious purposes, you may wear it in the picture, provided that it does not cover your face, not even your forehead and chin.
  • If you wear prescription glasses, you may wear them in the picture as long as they do not obstruct your face. If they have a thick rim or there’s glare on the glass, you must remove them.
  • Sunglasses or any other tinted glasses are not allowed.
  • Do not wear any large and flashy jewelry.

Malaysia visa photo requirements for children

Other than the specifications for a Malaysian visa photo mentioned above, if you are submitting a picture for a young child, make sure it meets the following requirements:

  • The child must be alone in the picture. This means that you cannot be in the picture holding them.
  • There must be no other objects, such as toys or bottles in the picture.
  • The child must be facing the camera, with a closed mouth and neutral facial expression.

What other documents do I need when applying for a Malaysian visa?

Other than the two pictures of yourself, when you apply for a Malaysia visa, you should also have the following documents:

  • A completed Malaysia Visa Application Form
  • Valid passport
  • Flight itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation
  • No Objection Letter from your employer
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Proof of paid Malaysian visa fee
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate (if applicable)

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