When applying for a Malaysian visa, you must have several supporting documents with your application. You also have to pay a non-refundable Malaysia visa fee to cover the visa processing.

Malaysia visa fees

The Malaysia visa fee, both for a Single Entry or Multiple Entry Visa and a Transit Visa, is RM 20 (Malaysian Ringgit) for all countries, other than the countries listed below. When converted, RM 20 is about $4.7 or €4.25.

The Malaysia visa fees are different for the following countries:

Country Single Entry and Multiple Entry Visa Fee Transit Visa Fee
Argentina RM 20.15 RM 4.10
Bolivia RM 11.00 RM 11.00
Burma RM 19.50 RM 6.60
Brazil RM 17.00 RM 17.00
Bulgaria RM 21.90 RM 11.00
Chile RM 24.50 RM 24.50
People’s Republic of China RM 30.00 RM 30.00
Costa Rica RM 9.00 RM 20.00
Czech Republic RM 19.30 RM 8.20
Denmark RM 6.00 Non applicable
Dominican Republic RM 12.90 RM 9.65
Ecuador RM 7.00 RM 0.50
Finland RM 7.00 Non applicable
France RM 12.90 Non applicable
Haiti RM 16.00 RM 6.00
Hungary RM 21.45 RM 10.30
India RM 50.00 RM 50.00
Indonesia RM 15.00 RM 3.50
Israel RM 9.70 RM 1.10
Italy RM9.50 Non applicable
South Korea RM 30.00 RM 15.00
Liberia RM 13.00 RM 13.00
Mexico RM 17.50 RM 17.50
Panama RM 14.50 RM 14.50
Poland RM 26.20 RM 8.00
Portugal RM 6.50 RM 6.50
Saudi Arabia RM 17.20 RM 8.60
Sri Lanka RM 15.00 RM 15.00
Sudan RM 12.90 RM 4.30
United States of America RM 6.00 RM 20.00
Uruguay RM 13.50 RM 13.50
Venezuela RM 18.00 RM 18.00
Vietnam RM 13.00 RM 1.50


How to pay the Malaysia visa fee?

The method of payment changes depending on the Malayisan Representative Office nearest to you (Embassy or Consulate) through which you are applying.

Some Malayisan Representative Offices will require for you to pay the Malaysia visa fee in cash when you appear to submit the application. Others will only accept payments done through bank draft and addressed to the specific Embassy or Consulate.

You must visit the website of the nearest Malayisan Representative Office to find out how they will accept payment.

Other Malaysian visa fees

Malaysia work visa fees

If you want to work in Malaysia, you must pay a visa fee in your country (as outlined above) as well as a Malaysian Work Pass fee. The fees for Malaysian work Passes change depending on the duration of the Pass.


Type of Malaysia Work Pass Fees
Malaysia Employment Pass (EP) EP Fee RM 200 per year
EP Processing Fee RM 125
Malaysia Professional Visit Pass (PVP) PVP Fee RM 90 for every quarter

RM 360 for one year


Malaysia student visa fee

International students must pay a Malaysia Student Pass fee of RM 60 per year for every year (or part of the year) of studies.

Therefore, for a three year program, you would pay RM 180 for your Malaysia Student Pass.

This is in addition to the Malaysia visa fee as outlined above.

Malaysia family visa fees

Foreign national family members of Malaysian citizens or expats can come to Malaysia through the Dependent’s Pass or Long Term Social Visit Pass.


Type of pass Fees
Malaysia Dependent Pass (DP) Dependent Pass fee RM 90 per year
Dependent Pass processing fee RM 50
Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) Long Term Social Visit Pass fee RM 600
Long Term Social Visit Pass processing fee RM 50


Malaysia Visa On Arrival

If you are a national of India and China, you are eligible for a Malaysian Visa On Arrival. The processing fee for a Malaysian Visa On Arrival is $100.