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What is a Travel Visa?

A visa is an authorization that permits a traveler to visit one certain country for a certain period of time. It usually is in the form of a sticker document affixed to a passport page or a stamp placed in one of a passport pages. There are are many types of travel visas depending on your nationality, destination country, purpose of travel and even number of times you wish to visit that country.

How to Get a Travel Visa?

Each country has its own visa policy. To get a travel visa you must apply at the office of the immigration authorities of the country you are planning to visit, usually a consulate or embassy in your country. There are a number of requirements that you will have to fulfill in order to obtain a visa and they vary from country to country. Therefore take care to ask the embassy of your destination country in your home country about the full list of requirements.

Can I Travel Worldwide With a Visa?

Although a visa can sometimes be a must in order to be able to travel somewhere, it does not always guarantee you will enter that country since the border guard makes the final call.  To travel to some countries you may require a visa and in some cases you are only required to have a valid passport because of a visa-free agreement between countries.

Difference between passport and visa

People may struggle to understand the difference between a passport and a visa, especially when they are holders of very powerful passports, with which they can visit most of the countries of the world without the need of obtaining a visa first they still have pretty a huge difference. While the government of a particular country issues visas to foreigners wishing to visit that country, passports are issued to the citizens of their own country, and enable them to visit other countries.

Worldwide Countries List

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